Congratulations to the new investigators!! With a special shout-out to my twitter-less postdoc advisor, Xin. (I've been telling her to make a lab account..) I'm very proud to be a part of this group. Let's go do all the science! 😊

The Trcek lab would like to congratulate Austin and Jeff for successfully defending their GBO exams this week and officially becoming PhD candidates. Now, the fun experiments begin - yaay!

We are hiring (retweet plz)! If you or anyone you know are interested in studying RNA, translation, and brain disorders, please reach out! We will be at #SfN2021 both virtually and in Chicago and happy to chat over coffee β˜•οΈ @YaleNeuro

Today, we sad goodbye to Harrison and wished him good luck in his pursuit of a PhD degree. 2 years passed quickly Harrison - time flies when you’re having fun making discoveries!

Our department ( is searching for an associate or full professor in the area of computational genetics / genomics. This is a great place to work with supportive colleagues. Come join us!

Our piece @NatureGenet calling for ways to sequence RNA directly.

For mutation tracking & RNA-based drugs & vaccines,
we need complete RNA sequences with all the modifications.

We must move beyond cDNA-sequencing.

#RNA @NIHDirector @eric_lander

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