I am once again asking for your help in finding a lab technician/manager for our lab. Great for both gaining research experience in a gap year or a long-term career. Please spread the word! https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2801608857/?refId=vhuyUBgeSPCrnVhaAqU9bg%3D%3D

We are looking for a research Technician/Research Specialist. Come join our team!

Congratulation to @TianSiran in Trcek lab for receiving an honorable mention from the GWIS National Fellowship Program which recognizes women who have demonstrated an outstanding ability for a promising career in STEM: https://www.gwis.org/page/current_fellowships! We are proud of you!

Congratulations to the new investigators!! With a special shout-out to my twitter-less postdoc advisor, Xin. (I've been telling her to make a lab account..) I'm very proud to be a part of this group. Let's go do all the science! 😊 https://twitter.com/HHMINEWS/status/1440979452557725699

The Trcek lab would like to congratulate Austin and Jeff for successfully defending their GBO exams this week and officially becoming PhD candidates. Now, the fun experiments begin - yaay!

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