If you are interested in #postdoc position studying RNA-protein interactions and their functional impact on a systems wide scale, consider joining our team. #NIH offers a wonderful research environment with a strong and supportive #RNA community.

Excited to announce this preprint “SNPC-1.3 is a sex-specific transcription factor that drives male piRNA expression in C. elegans” ! https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.08.06.240200v1

@cpchoii @MRStarostik @hopkinsCMDB

Excited to share our preprint combining research done in the Lehmann lab at Skirball Institute NYU @SkirballNYUSoM and the Gilboa Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science @WeizmannScience. We show how PGC differentiation is coordinated with gonadogenesis.


We're looking for a Research Specialist who is interested in studying chromosome dynamics during meiosis. Please apply through this link! https://jobs.jhu.edu/job/Baltimore-Research-Specialist-MD-21218/662489200/

Yesterday we celebrated that Siran joined our lab and that our review got published. We treated ourselves with some apple and coconut cream pie and today we took a photo. We look super serious but i can guarantee we were all smiling underneath those masks!

Hello world! Are you interested in mRNAs as much as we are and would you like to know how mRNAs behave in RNA granules? Well, you can read all about it in our cool new review! RNA Granules: A View from the RNA Perspective! (https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/25/14/3130). Happy reading!

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