Check out this virtual special issue @Molecules_MDPI on Frontiers in RNA Structure in its final form #mdpimolecules Featuring among others @BateyRNA @CharlesBNader @SophiaBiophys @kdaoduc @tatkatrcek @dczapp - thank you!!

Excited to share our latest work on the mechanisms that target Polo-like kinase during meiotic prophase. This work was done almost single-handedly by a really talented former technician James @BrandtJn who has now moved onto a grad program @RockefellerUniv!

A preprint of my paper is finally up! Excited to see where this work takes us next. 👩🏼‍🔬🧬🎉

If you are interested in #postdoc position studying RNA-protein interactions and their functional impact on a systems wide scale, consider joining our team. #NIH offers a wonderful research environment with a strong and supportive #RNA community.

Excited to announce this preprint “SNPC-1.3 is a sex-specific transcription factor that drives male piRNA expression in C. elegans” !

@cpchoii @MRStarostik @hopkinsCMDB

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